Join Us

University of New Brunswick’s Human-Computer Interaction Lab is looking for new graduate Computer Science students (Master’s or PhD) to join the group. Applications are due in January for the following summer or fall semester (but earlier contact is preferable). View UNB’s prospective students page for more information. Positions are highly competitive, and based on your background, previous performance, and demonstrated interest and skill match in our current or past projects.

Interested applicants should email to discuss their application before applying to UNB. Emails should be sent to Dr. Bateman between September and January for entrance in the upcoming fall or (typically students outside of Canada are not able to get immigration sorted before the fall semester). Inquiries sent outside of this time window will generally not receive a response.

The email should include the following four items (failure to include one or more will mean your email might not get a reply):

  1. a description of research interests related to the lab’s existing research; you need to show clear evidence that you have actually looked at the types of research the lab does
  2. a curriculum vitae
  3. a copy of your unofficial transcript
  4. a paragraph describing what you like to do for fun (your hobby or a pastime), and what you like about it

Once you have discussed your interest in joining HCI Lab with Dr. Bateman, you will follow the University of New Brunswick graduate student application process.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for programmers, designers and UX researchers. In order to be considered you must have:

  • a Bachelor or Master’s degree in computer science, HCI or related fields with a minimum GPA of B+.
  • strong programming proficiency in technology relevant to the work in the HCI Lab (for example, game development, virtual or augmented reality development, mobile phone and/or web development).
  • good written and oral communication skills
  • a demonstration of strong interest in the projects you have engaged with